In 1994, Emeritus Professor MD. Kamphon Klunklin apply the knowledge from Emeritus Professor MD. Arwut Srisugree and the book “Managing the Academic Practice: The Two-headed Eagle” by William R. Nicholas editor. That is about the history of Academic Medical Group Practice in U.S.A. and Faculty Practice Plans. They have been developed since 1960.

           Emeritus Professor MD. Arwut Srisugree the board director of university council, former chancellor of Chiangmai university. In 1995 after consideration with the exe of Chiangmai university and the deans of confederate faculty, Emeritus Professor MD. Kamphon Klunklin decided to establish Sriphat Medical Center in the first name call “Special Medical service center” by received the investment about 20 million baht from Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mail hospital’ s allowance. That approved on June 29, 1996, publish on July 22, 1996 and provided service 50 bed on March 3, 1997.