7 Reasons why you should get a regular medical check-up

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1. I feel fine! Do I still need a medical check-up?

Just because you feel healthy does not mean you don’t have a disease lurking in the background. There are many conditions and diseases that in their early stages don’t make you feel ill at all, but can cause you to very sick later on. Examples of these would be – High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes or early stage cancers.

2.What is the commonest cause of death among the Thai ?

Statistical analysis reveals that cancer is the number 1 cause of death. One person dies from cancer every 9 minutes. In women, the commonest cause of cancer is Breast and Cervical cancer. Both of these cancers can be detected very early or even before cancer has developed. A check-up can include a mammogram (X-Ray for Breast cancer) and an internal examination with a Pap smear for cervical cancer should be done very 1-2 years.

For men, common cancers include Colon, lung and liver. These cancers can be detected by testing for blood in the stool, Chest X-Ray and Ultrasound of the liver during a routine check-up.

3. Did you know that narrowed arteries is the next leading cause of death after cancer ?

Narrowing of the blood vessels (Atherosclerosis) is an important cause of death with around 40,000 deaths per year. Blood vessels are small tubes (like a hose) that deliver nutrients to body parts and organs. Over time they can become hardened and narrowed causing less blood flow to the body parts the vessels supply. If blood flow decreases to the brain this can cause weakness or paralysis or even poor brain function. If blood flow decreases to the heart this can cause a ‘heart attack’. Similarly, if blood flow decreases to the fingers or toes it can lead to gangrene.

Did you know you can control the risk factors that lead to this condition and delay the onset or even prevent this problem altogether. Simple blood tests can help define your risk factors and guide you to preventing these conditions.

4. Does regular exercise prevent me from getting ill?

Exercise is definitely beneficial for good health, but it does not mean you won’t get ill at all. Even Olympic athletes get ill. You may be fit and feel great but still have an undiagnosed illness. Come and get a check-up for your on-going health and peace of mind.

5. Isn’t doing nothing better? I’m afraid they might find something seriously wrong with me?

Given the choice, would you choose to be ill? Of course not, no one would. But if you were ill, wouldn’t it be better to know early on when it could be cured before becoming a chronic or painful disease for which nothing can be done?

Don’t be complacent. Don’t miss the opportunity to diagnose an illness early for a complete cure.

6. If my health check is normal does that mean I don’t have cancer?

Having a slightly elevated blood result for one of the various cancer markers, does not necessarily mean that you have cancer. Likewise, a normal blood result for cancer does not mean that you don’t have cancer! Blood tests for cancer markers are often more beneficial when used for patients already known to have cancer to check for a cure or recurrence. For diagnostic cancer tests, AFP (Alpha fetoprotein) is done to check for liver cancer along invariably with an abdominal ultrasound; PSA (Prostatic-Specific Antigen) is used in screening for prostate cancer in men.

7. If I come for a check-up, do I need to fast?

Blood tests done after fasting are necessary to test for Diabetes and Cholesterol levels. Fast for 12 hours before your blood tests. Once the blood sample has been taken, you can go and eat while you wait to see the doctor.

Just as cars need regular check-ups, your body needs a check-up to maintain your good health.

So come on – come for that check-up.

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