Additional health check-up programs

Package and Promotion Additional health check-up programs

    Program Tumor Lady

Prices 10,450 THB

1. Alpha-fetoprotein - AFP
2. Carcinoembryonic antigen - CEA
3. Cancer antigen 19-9 - CA 19-9
4. Ultrasound Upper Abdomen
5. Ultrasound Lower Abdomen
6. Stool Occult Blood
7. Cancer antigen 125 - CA 125
8. HPV Hybrid Capture II
9. Digital Mammogram


The cancer screening test is not a confirmation of future chance of having cancer. Cancer medical screening services are provided that offer medical screenings for wellness monitoring and does not guarantee a state of health in the future. There is no warranty or guarantee that you will not show symptoms of cancer after your screening. Please consult the specialist if your lab result is abnormal.

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